2017 Season Begins

2017 Season Begins
We begin the season with my new rig in Morice Project. First stop Collins Lake. (Due to the weather and its effect, we are two months behind schedule this year already.)

5 May 2017

Morice Project - Guide outfitter comes across Bigfoot tracks

(Third party info)

A couple years ago a guide had a feeling he was being followed, so he cautiously walked back down a deactivated road when he came to a bend and seen huge footprints in the fresh mud. He videoed his experience.

Note: I will be trying to meet up with the guide this summer. Get his story and check out the video. It may be from known family units. Will add a report on Trace Unknown blog, once I have spoken to him. (2013, Doug and I had experiences out at Collins Lake.)

Deer on dusty Morice FSR

Morice River (June 9 & 12, 2017)

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