8 Mar 2017

Where to look


A person should keep an eye out for signs of activity on or near mountains. Some may choose to live high up. It may not necessarily be the case for all of them. Tops of ranges are used to travel along. Especially long distances.


For the most part, they would follow a water source down (or remain close to) and on in to the valley below. Then continue to hunt and forage along or near creeks, rivers, swamps and lakes. Moving along those areas.


A person might be lucky to catch a rare glimpse of one crossing (or just near) a road in the process of moving from one place to another. Known wildlife use roads. Hunting would include being close to roads, near those water sources.


They are traveling along powerlines too. If not out in the open, then along its edges. Bears use these areas as well. We found a track impression along a powerline, at Eden Project already.

Rural Property

If through rural property, then perhaps a glimpse of one passing through on its way out or back to its den.


Keep an eye out for possible dens in large slash piles. I came across one many years ago. The entire outer perimeter of a landing. Be careful. Bears also use these piles. These would be places to keep a close eye on. A person should keep an eye on log debris in creeks and rivers too.

New Logging

New log blocks with fresh slash piles and log decks. Soon as crews leave, deer, moose and elk arrive. Predators know this. Bigfoot does too. Areas most prone to possible sightings would be where a road meets up with fresh logging.

Gravel Pits

Gravel pits with water sources nearby. Prey species are drawn to these areas. Look for deer and moose remains in the woods along the edges. At Eden gravel pit, moose bones were at the top end of the pit and deer bones at the bottom end.
The animal is also attracted to very loud noises such as, the sounds of a rock crusher, or any other heavy duty industrial type machinery. They may be watching nearby within the woods. Waiting for crews to leave. Possibly to check out the equipment and what was done.

Exercise Caution

When out there searching, please be mindful of known predators.

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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