Competing Species

Competing species

Jan. 28, 2017 entry

Competing species includes most herbivores and carnivores in the target area.

Carnivores & Offspring

Given the chance, predators will kill the offspring of their competitors. There would definitely be issues between Bigfoot, wolves and bears, for the most part.

Grizzly Bears

Doug and I were witness to what happens when grizzlies are in the area. The male Bigfoot issues an immediate notice. Sounds like a huge explosion. Grizzlies flee as fast as they possibly can. Includes sows with cubs, as well as males.

If a grizzly were to kill a Bigfoot offspring, or any member of a family unit, the grizzly's days would be numbered. The male Bigfoot would track it down to the end. There would be no place the bear could hide.

Black Bears

There may be some tolerance between Bigfoot and black bears. I still need to keep an eye on this. 

Barb Campbell
Field researcher
Trace Unknown

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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