Food Storage

Food Storage


   Bigfoot is not an animal that hibernates in the winter. It must have food cashes hidden in a number of places, to help sustain it through the winter months.

   Bigfoot understands the drying process of vegetation, berries and fungi. Wood rats, for instance, have mastered this technique. If you ever stubble across a cache, the aroma is fresh. Real healthy smelling. If you look inside their stash, you will see an assortment of things it has collected. Mushrooms included. I believe that Bigfoot understands this, and may be stashing vegetation, for later use. Dried vegetation may also be used for bedding. Ranchers in the valley will have had bales missing over the years. Doug witnessed this back in the late 50's.
These animals would be raiding other animal's food caches too. So they would not have to worry about stashing too much of their own. Winter has a diet for them. Plus there are many prey species. If times are harsh, the wolves really make their presence known. Sometimes going after lots of calves. You can bet a grizzly is not far away. Waiting to take the kill from the wolves. Forcing the wolves to kill again. A grizzly can be relentless. I can imagine that's short lived when Bigfoot arrives next on the scene to take from the grizzly. Forcing the grizzly to put more pressure on the wolves. 
   Bigfoot would bury their food too. The pile may have a sort of marker. Each Bigfoot may have its own signature marker, or set of markers it uses.

   This animal loves rocks. It has many uses for them. For instance, they can play with them, and use them as weapons to fend off others. I believe they also use them to prepare their meat. The animal in these parts, eats rotten meat just like the grizzly. Boulder fields would be the ideal place to let carrion marinate by the heat of the Sun. The rocks would help hold the heat. Speaking of boulder fields, this may be the place where meat is also buried. Stored for later use. People tend to stay away from those areas.

   Trees may be used to hold freshly killed animals, like human hunters do. In these parts, Bigfoot has shown that it knows how to use the space within forks of trees. The crotch of the tree so-to-speak. Hanging their kills by the head within these forks.

  Places of water may also be used to store carrion. Boggy swamp holes, or even along banks of rivers. Maybe right up underneath where roots will keep the carcass from being swept away. Water could help hide the smell from other predators and also help soften up the meat. Bigfoot might even bury its meat underneath rocks within running or standing water. Maybe even use beaver dams for this purpose. Possibly even create their own dam. Beaver lodges might be used too.

Exercise caution when searching near water sources like this. This is exactly where known predators like to be. They are looking for prey species too. You have a far greater chance of running in to a grizzly bear, black bear, cougar or even wolves near these places than you will Bigfoot. Please be careful.

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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