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Hair Samples

Assisted Colleague

Technical Response Service No. AH013
Client: Brian Vike, HBCCUFO
Houston, B.C., Canada
March 2009

Identified: Moose
Reported by Barb Campbell

See report & results.

I am not a scientist. I prefer to check the hairs first to see if I am able to identify it. If so, then I won't send it off to be tested. Fees can get rather costly!

Hairs Waiting For Lab
As soon as I can find the time!

Discovered in Evelyn Community.
Area claimed by wolf pack.
Hairs removed from barbed wire fence.
Horse teeth included.
Stay tuned.

Discovered in Eden Project.
Chisholm area rubbing tree.
Suspect it is grizzly.
Stay tuned.

Discovered in Nadina Project.
Removed from rubbing tree.
Two grizzlies, lynx, plus wolf pack in area.

Discovered in Nadina Project.
Rubbing tree.
Two grizzlies, lynx, plus wolf pack in area.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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