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Morice Mountain, Owen Hill, part of the Chisholm & the Buck Flats area.

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Unknown Species

Location: Morice Mountain, somewhere.

Family unit: 3 (Adult male and female, plus one young.) 

We have found 18, 15 and 11 inch tracks. I believe one of those tracks (15 inches) is a visitor from PGC Project. The third is still very young. IF I am wrong, then there are four. Who knows if a grownup offspring helps out from time to time. Maybe they hunt together.
There was one time, my dog Belle was hissed at. Camp #2. It was as though something was trying to pass in between us and the swamp. Belle barked. Immediate response was a, " Hussssssssssssssss". At the time we wondered if it had possibly been a younger version of one those things running around at night. Didn't sound like a cat.
Doug was a small child visiting the farm in the Kispiox. Sometime during the late 50's, he observed a Bigfoot in the field, select two bales of hay, then with one under each arm, it walked off the field back in to the woods. A possible sign it had offspring. I am convinced there is a very healthy population of Bigfoot in the target area, elsewhere in the province, and country.

In the The Last 300 Miles, the surveyor received a visit from a Bukwas during the night, and was gifted some rotten moose meat. This leads me to believe that they do visit one another, from time to time. Possibly even exchange meat between themselves. Goat here. Elk there...

Discovered on this mound.

In 2015, Doug found a bone on one of the high mounds in the gravel pit. There were a few smaller, well destroyed ones up there too. They were not there before. This leads me to believe a youngster had been left sitting on a mound temporarily, while its parents were busy. Occupied with the bone, within safe view. A young one -this would also explain why the male would be concerned and protective of his family, if humans, or other predators such as bears, were in the immediate area. The grizzlies were terrified. Keeping to the other side of the swamp. The male was forcing them to keep away. This would only be when they were in the immediate area. 

One of the grizzlies, we named Brownie.
If a grizzly has not left the area before the male arrives, he will slam a stump or tree so hard that it sounds like a cannon going off. An instant HUGE EXPLOSION. No warning. Grizzlies flee as fast as possible. Doug and I witnessed this at Collins Lake, and also, in the Kuldo in 2013. I used to believe it was just the grizzlies. Since then, we have had a chance to hear the difference. No comparison!
Eden Road (Unoffically named): located at 23 and 1/4 km on the Morice Forest Service Road. A gravel road leads up the mountainside approximately 3 kms before reaching an open area that has been used as a gravel pit. In 2013, it was being used on a daily basis. For hunting and foraging. (Deer bones at lower end of gravel pit. Moose bones at upper end.) They have a den some place else on this mountain. We would begin to hear their movements from around 3:30 PM on wards. Coming down along the creek. A pair of ravens would follow them down. 

Ample vegetation and prey species. A creek and also a swamp. A deep hole in the creek where a large predator has gone round and round to catch the fish. Or, the deeper hole was created to trap the fish in. I never seen anything like it before.

We found one track on a hillside, before the gravel pit area. Following the power line. The remainder of tracks were discovered on and beside the road, further up past the gravel pit area. Tracks led up from the swamp, and then continued up the mountainside.

The male really stinks too. Stronger than anything else out there. He is very protective of his family. If there is anyone a person needs to deal with, it will be the male. He is the protector of his family. I imagine the grizzlies in the area, are well aware of him. Any altercations would mean dealing with him.

Males remain with their partners. They are a family unit. 


We've both heard the male howl from Owen Hill, once each night, for three nights back in 2013. We were also witness to a chase (while camped up Eden Rd), where high-pitched shrieks would make moose change direction on a dime. I believe females and juveniles are the only ones capable of such extremely high-pitched shrieks.
It is my belief that they would not howl near their dens or home. It would give away their location. Far safer to howl from some place else. Like Owen Hill. We heard tree knocks from across the river. The gravel pit in the Chisholm. Around the time of the howls. So they are hunting over there too. 
There was one time when we were growled at during the day. We were in our camp (First camp). Talking and laughing. The growl came from in the front of the motor home. Nothing was in sight. We looked everywhere, and there was so much open space immediately around us. We even climbed on top of the motor home. We could see nothing. There is no known animal in the target area who is capable of throwing their voice like that. Extremely deep. Their lung capacity is unbelievable! I do believe we were being told not to make so much noise. We were interfering with their activities. A warning from the male.


It appears the family unit has help with their hunting. At least, where moose are concerned. Birds, I have yet to identify, followed, creating chaos and havoc from above. Often dive bombing targets in the area. Including Doug and myself. I never seen them before. I never knew this sort of stuff happened.

 A cow bird (seen in photo) was also present, after something had just been through our camp. It remained behind with us for three days. It was sociable and was not afraid of the dogs. We named the little guy, Birdie.

Super Fast

We were not able to see them. Night or day. We could hear them out on the gravel in the pit area. Not far from the front of our camp, at night. Bipedal. Running. From top of the gravel pit to the bottom, and bottom to the top. They were so fast, we were unable to find them with our flashlights! By the time we heard them start to run, they were already long gone. If memory serves me right, we could only hear 3, possibly four times, when a foot made impact with the ground. It was just so mind boggling. You go through so many levels of emotion and thought. That's not possible. Yet, there it was happening. And even still, in the back of your mind you are saying, 'No way.' 

Tree Sign

Pines snapped with broken top parts still slightly attached, leaning down, pointed in a direction. More snapped pines discovered in the direction where tops pointed. We followed the direction for about a km before we called it a day. There were more. The first one we discovered, the top had been twisted and then pulled off. Top laying on the ground pointing the way towards the Carrier. Claw marks visible.

Buck Flats

Spring 2016 - We captured this sound coming from a swamp, on the other side of Morice Mountain, in the Buck Flats area.

I found this on the ground in behind the swamp, not far from a creek. Hard to tell. I just took a photo of it anyway.

Curious anomaly discovered beside Buck Creek. A hunting blind created with natural surroundings?

Witness Sightings

Buck Flats - There have been a number of sightings over the years.
Morice River - There has been at least one resident, who seen a Sasquatch across the river, from the first picnic area, of Aspen Park.

2017 (Jan, 23) Hunting Strategies: Use of high-pitched vocalizations.

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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