New Moon & Bad Weather

   The dark of the Moon would be the best time for a predator to hunt. Prey species feel less threatened under the cover of darkness and so they will move around more. Wild rabbits for instance, will travel further from their burrows. Fish will come out from their hiding places in the depths.

   Some believed the Bukwas remained in the mountains most of their time, and they would only come down once in a while. It is possible that the animal would use the dark period of the Moon to carry out major hunting. Perhaps to replenish food caches. This period would begin two or more days before, during and then, also two or more days after the New Moon. A seven to ten-day period. Back in 2013, Doug and I heard the most unusual howl, three nights in a row. The 8th was the New Moon. It is possible that the howl we heard on each of those three nights had to do with hunting.

   Bad weather and building up of bad weather would be another good time to hunt. The skies become darker. Thunder, wind and rain drown out other sounds. Keeping the attention away from the hunter, who is stalking its prey. Bigfoot is an expert at hiding, and also hiding any evidence of its activities. Grab a victim prior, or during a storm. Let the storm wipe out any evidence. Wolves will still hunt when weather turns bad.

   Remember, the animal does not want to be seen and will do whatever it takes to remain hidden.

Note: Thinking back to the howl those three nights. It was long and unbelievably drawn out. As if it was in anguish too. Like maybe someone never came home. Or someone died and they miss them. A Growl, to a howl, then a scream. I heard a tinge of human between the howl and scream. That is when it really hit. I got the chills!

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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