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Location: Parrots, Goosely, Colleymount and surrounding areas.

Family unit: 3 individuals, that we are aware of.  We are still trying to determine if these are separate from Eden or not.

One track measures 15 inches.

Great camping location

   We thought we'd scout out the Parrot Lakes and Goose Lakes area, to see if we could find any sign. If such an animal exists, there should be signs all over the place. We found an old logging road that leads right down to the lake, where it offers a private camp ground setting. Hunters and fishermen have used this area. A rough camp kitchen still stands and a moose hanger has been erected just inside the treeline, across from the kitchen area.

   An old roof structure sits on the ground, like a lean-to. Makes an excellent emergency shelter, for human or animal alike. Swamps all around, provide ample food sources and there is moose and bear sign everywhere. We thought we might come across some tracks. We were not expecting to find ourselves in the middle of a confrontation of sorts. The mosquitoes and black-flies were thick, so I lit a fire, and threw on some fireweed to create some smoke. Once our appetites kicked in, we started our wiener roast. Near the end of our meal, we were paid an unexpected visit.

The report posted:
Goosely Lake - Vocalizations
June 9, 2015
Doug and I had an awesome day out there today. We found a new research location and we had a most incredible experience. Down side is my hand-held recorder was full. In all the excitement I never even bothered to check. I thought I was recording the whole time. I am literally crushed about that. :(
Anyway, during the day we heard the odd sounds around us. The odd stick in the bush snapping. Then a vocal sound. Like a low mumble or something. I let out some grunts. Nothing. Tried tree knocking. No tree knocks back. I even called out a few times but nothing. I thought well, I guess this is it. We made a small fire and then proceeded to roast wieners sometime after 7 PM. To be honest with you, I never expected anything to happen at this location. I had my eye on a mountain across from us. Using the binoculars, I had been eyeing up a boulder field and thought perhaps I would see action up there. Then things picked up.
Sometime after 8 PM a high pitched scream. Close by us in the woods to our right. Followed by another high pitched scream to our left. So we know there were at least two creatures near us. Nothing like we have ever heard before. They continued. Even in front of us in the woods beyond our sight. They were constantly moving around. I was able to duplicate their sound and returned the scream. They responded. This went on for over an hour. Besides the screams, we could hear them moving around in the woods. Sounded bipedal.
There was more vocals coming from further in behind them. It was as though at any moment they were going to come out of the woods. You could just feel it in the air. For a split second I wasn't really sure I wanted to be confronted like this. Doug was ready with his camera. Our dogs would not bark, but were very concerned and watched the woods exactly where these creatures were. It was so surreal!!! Then suddenly it all stopped. Nothing came out of the woods. They moved on. It was unbelievable!
These vocals were nothing like we had ever heard. Ever. It is so frustrating about my hand-held recorder. Back in 2013 when we heard the yowling, my ear-detect malfunctioned and I had no spare batteries for my hand held recorder. Now when I try to record again, the hand held was full and I failed to check it. Instead, in the excitement I just THOUGHT I had been recording. This experience definitely topped my list!
    In July 2015, Doug observed a large, hairy biped on a bluff overlooking a herd of elk. Elk that had recently moved in to the area as a result of the smoke from a nearby wildlife. It appeared as though the creature may have possibly herded the elk in to the area and was keeping tabs on them.

   The photo shows where it was seen in a clearing. After Doug spotted it, the creature moved to the top edge of the clearing where it meets the forest and then it just stood inside the line of trees. Doug was driving a truck at the time and had a schedule to keep. It was unfortunate that he was not able to remain in the area for further observation. He later returned to take this photo.

   Within a short period of time, we both managed to get some time off, and so we spent ten days out there. We set our base camp up at Goosely Lake. First thing we normally do, is examine the area around camp. We want to know who has been hanging around. Then Doug sets up his trail cams.

   A short time later, I happen to be looking on the road, just up from the motor home, when I see something unusual. At first, I thought it was just a cluster of tall grasses, but something was different. That is when it moved. A grizzly was standing there! I couldn't believe how well the animal blended in to the surroundings and out in the open too! Well, that bear was just as surprised as we were.

   The grizzly didn't seem too afraid. He turned and then walked up the bank, to where he stood among some pine trees. It's too bad he never stayed out in the open long enough for Doug to grab his camera. It was nice to meet him, anyway. I named him Goose.

   So now that we met the bear, we knew we had to keep an eye on things. Make sure there wasn't going to be a problem. Anytime I heard something in the woods around us, I thought it was Goose. Something was watching us from the woods. I could hear it every now and then. Stalking us, every time we were outside the motor home. It was a little unsettling. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the creature was none other than a large black cat!

Black cat watching us from within the treeline.

The report posted:
Sunday, 26 July 2015
FYI: Black Cat spotted outside of Houston, B.C.
Update: Just heard from an area resident that he and his wife had seen a very large black cat up in the Terrace area some years ago. It was crossing the road in front of them. The cat was as long as the road was wide. From tail to head.
Doug and I just come back from having spent nine days out in the back country. One stop was at Goosely Lake.
At one point in the afternoon I heard something moving through the woods just in the treeline along the edge of a clearing we had our motor home parked. I followed the sound to where I then next saw something very black move along through towards a larger opening in the treeline. Doug grabbed his small camera and snapped an image the instant he saw movement in that larger opening of the trees.
Within a minute, Duke started barking at the animal in the woods. That is when it "hissed" back. It sounded like a larger version of a very angry house cat. That verified to us that it was indeed a cat. It is not the first time Doug has seen one in the area. Years ago he spotted one in a field just outside of Houston, on the way towards Topley.
The forest is so dry. Even with the rain we received. Underneath the canopy of the trees, there are lots of broken and very dry branches and sticks. I could hear the cat's every movement. Every single step of its paws. There was just no getting away with being silent.
Note: A male grizzly hangs around the lake. We named him Goose. His hind feet measure 9 inches long.
September 7, 2015, Doug and I went back to the lake for a quick look. We seen that something had been laying in front of the roof shelter.
   It's not the first time Doug's seen a large black cat. Some years ago, he seen one crossing a farmer's field between Houston and Topley. I have also spoken with a couple who said they seen one near Terrace many years ago. The cat crossed the dirt road in front of their vehicle. Its body was as long as the road was wide. From tip of tail to head.

      We found some interesting rock bluffs and cliffs, we plan to explore next summer. Mountain goats love to hang around these areas. Rubbing and erosion have shaped the rocks over time, creating really neat structures. The view is ideal from this location. Pine forests for as far as the eye can see, if you overlook the logging blocks, among the scenery.

  The area is heavily populated with bear, and is loaded with prey species. Creeks, swamps and lakes are found all over the place. It's an absolute paradise out there. One time, while I was out exploring, I found myself five feet away from a curious lynx. They are such beautiful cats!

   On our way back to the lake one day, my attention was drawn to the lightened footprint impression I found on a sloped bank, along side the gravel road. I immediately stopped, and pulled over to examine it. Just one track print was barely visible on the solid gravel bank. It was as if the creature had run across the road, then took one step on to the bank and then was gone over the top. Distance from track to top was over 7 feet. Over 8 feet to the bottom.

Arch discovered near Goosely Lake. 

   September 7th, 2015, we discovered an x-pattern structure just inside the treeline, next to a gravel road. Not far from this, we came across a rather interesting snapped tree. It measured about 23 inches around the base where it was broken. I found no scorch marks and no claw marks. No other trees were damaged nearby. No indication of any other sort of trauma in the area. Nothing was holding the tree top down either.

X-pattern created by living trees, discovered by Barb near Goosely Lake. Not far away from the arch.

May 14, 2016 - We came across fresh tracks on the road. A large bull elk had been on a constant, fast paced run for many kilometers. We discovered very vague padded foot tracks here and there. Heading in the same direction (towards Eden Project) as the bull elk. Wrong shape for a bear. Last year, Doug observed a hairy biped on a bluff overlooking a herd of elk. Elk herding is going on in this project. (July 15th, I heard one elk in Eden Project, while spending the night on Morice Mountain.)

We will continue to monitor activities in the area and will keep everyone posted of our progress.

Barb Campbell, 
Field researcher
Trace Unknown

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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