Discovered in Kuldo Project (2016). Doug came across this pile in a remote stretch. A couple days later, he decided to manipulate the pile. The very next morning, the pile was changed back. No tracks could be found anywhere near the pile and there were no fresh tire tracks.

Eden Project discovery (2016). We know there are at least three individuals in this area.

It appears Bigfoot are using rocks to leave messages. A form of communication or marking that leaves a message - to other Bigfoot who may travel to or pass through the area. None of their signs or markings are for any other animal. Including humans.

One way to draw their attention, is to work with rocks. This is what I had done back in 2013. I have a fascination with rocks too. At the time, I created a rock wall for ourselves and a rock castle for a chipmunk.

In an area where large boulders exist. Here one is seen stacked on top of another. Morice Project.

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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