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Trophies & Bones

Trophies & Bones

January 26, 2017 entry:

Males (maybe females too) are possibly collecting trophies from some of their kills. skulls. A feeling I have. A theory. They do collect bones and antlers. Used for communication (knocking). Bigfoot are responsible for dismantling skeletal remains of other animals they stumble across too. Not just for marrow.
Bigfoot appears to have a good knowledge of skulls and what they can be used for. In particular, for hanging kills. Many years ago, I happened upon a coyote hanging in the crotch of a tree by its head. I thought it odd and continued on. I wished I had stopped. The surveyor came across the gruesome remains of two prospectors. One found headless, but the other hung 7 feet high in a Hemlock. The skull, jammed in the crotch of the tree. (Kuldo 1800's) Their striking blow is meant to have contact with the head. For a human, that would be instant decapitation. Bukwas were blamed for the deaths of an entire ancient village near Damsumlo Lake. They were found without their heads. This animal is an expert on skulls. It is very possible, some skulls may be taken as trophies, or for some alternative use.

Barb Campbell,
Field researcher,
Trace Unknown

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