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January 26, 2017 entry: 

When they come out of the river, we have found that they are also walking right down the middle of alder and willows. Impossible for a human to do in bare feet. It looks painful. Anything to hide their tracks. It would also leave scent behind. For family members or others passing through. Come out of the river to do it. Also to browse on new shoots, or leaves. They can hide in the bush. Who knows how fast they are walking as they go through there. Maybe one hides in there, while other chase something out of the clearing. Or they just feel the need to wait in there for a while before coming out. Maybe it feels good on their feet, and also their bodies. A manual scratch machine. :) Hiding their tracks will most definitely be one of the reasons.

This much effort in to hiding tracks just for the river's edge. Imagine what they are like elsewhere on dry land. A person needs to think the opposite of how you would do it. Remember, they don't want anyone seeing their tracks. They don't want to be seen period.

Log Jams

A person can find all kinds of log jams in a river or creek. This one has either a permanent or temporary den. A young one could be kept safely inside too, while its parents are busy nearby. Great place to hide and wait for something to come by. From what I understand, these are extremely patient animals. They study everything.


Here is another possibility. Looks more like a casual, day-use sort of den. Two grizzlies were in the area. Including a pack wolves. We also seen a lynx in this area. A family unit of three also uses this area too.

Overhangs can provide all kinds of neat homes for anyone out there. This one is at a creek's edge. Great places to hide.

Places like these, where banks have washed out, can provide great coverage if one wanted to be out in the middle of the day. They would most likely use it to sneak up on things. The bank also provides some overhangs, where an animal can hide temporarily.


They use the same lakes we do, as well as remote ones. If they are not foraging, they will be waiting nearby, for something to come along.

When temperatures are searing hot, you will most likely find them in or near a water source. A remote location, or at an end people will not hang around. They will need to remain cool.

Exercise caution when searching near water sources like this. This is exactly where known predators like to be. They are looking for prey species too. You have a far greater chance of running in to a grizzly bear, black bear, cougar or even wolves near these places than you will Bigfoot. Please be careful.

Barb Campbell,
Field researcher, 
Trace Unknown

Always Remain Alert

Always Remain Alert
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